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Questions about your rent?

We know that every now and then you will have questions about your rent, as always please feel free to call us and discuss this but we have answered a few of the common questions we get below.

Q. What is the difference between a Direct Debit and a Standing Order?

A Standing Order is an instruction YOU give to your bank to make regular payments of a set amount to another account. A Direct Debit is an authority you give to a company to take money from your account to cover your bill (usually for utilities or phone contracts). Pinnacle only ever use Standing Orders, that means we have no control on when the payment starts or stops and it is your responsibility to ensure they are set up correctly and also cancelled when your final rent payment has been made.

Q. What do we do with the Standing Order authorisation form signed in branch?

When your tenancy is due to start we send this form to your bank so that they can arrange for the instruction to be set up. Unfortunately, sometimes banks do not set these up in time, and we recommend you check with your bank whether the instruction has been received and set up correctly.

Q. What if I can’t pay my rent?

Firstly, don’t panic. Let us know as soon as you become aware that this may be the case. The quicker we know about it the more help and advice we will be able to provide to you.

Q. Can I change my rent payment date?

If you do wish to change the payment date, then contact us to let us know the date and the reasons for the change. We can then contact your landlord and make a case for the change. Ultimately, the decision lies with the landlord whether or not it can change.

Q. I have paid too much rent?

Once the funds clear, and providing there are no arrears on your account, we will arrange for the overpayment to be sent back to your bank account as quickly as possible. But remember, we will need to know your bank account details to do this.

Q. I have paid rent after my tenancy has ended?

If there are no arrears on the account, we will return the funds as soon as they have cleared into our bank account. We recommend that you provide us with relevant bank details to pay the money back, but more importantly, you contact your bank to cancel your Standing Order.

Q. Can I use my deposit to pay my last month’s rent?

No, this is not what your deposit is for. The deposit is to ensure any damage to the property or any cleaning that needs to be done is covered when you vacate the premises. If there is any work needed then this will come out of your deposit. Therefore, we will expect the rent arrears to be paid in full.

Q. What if I don’t pay my rent?

If you do not pay your rent you will be liable for potential charges to be added to your account (please see the particulars of your tenancy agreement for details). Additionally, we will also contact your housemates (if you live in a shared accommodation), and your guarantor and we will expect them to make a payment to ensure there are no arrears.

Q. I am a student and my student loan is late so I can’t pay my rent?

We understand that Student Finance are sometime late with their payments, if you are affected then provide us with proof that this is the case by means of a copy of your payment schedule. This will allow us to contact your landlord and make a case for your delayed payment. We would also ask you to make a part payment towards the total.

Q. Do you set up my council tax account and utilities?

No, this is solely your responsibility. However, any of our members of staff will be happy to provide you with any help or information you may require.

Q. I have maintenance issues so I don’t have to pay my rent, right?

Wrong, by failing to pay your rent you are in breach of your contract. There is a specific complaints/compensation process which you can follow...

Q. I am an international tenant, what do I need to know about charges?

Unfortunately there are charges associated with international bank transfers. We have no control over these and these are levied by the bank themselves.

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