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Questions about letting?


Q) Would the Landlord be willing to lower the rent on their property?

That will be the Landlord's decision. We will be more then happy to put a call in to the landlord see what they say.


Q) How much is the deposit?

The deposit is a months rent, plus 25%.


Q) How long is the tenancy?

For a student house taken with a start date of 1st of July the contract length will be 12 months. If the student house is taken after the 1st of July the contracts will still run until the end of June the following year.

For any non student houses taken at any point of the year the contract length can be anything from 6 months to 12 months.


Q) What references do you require?

If you are renting a student house then we would require proof of your student status, i.e - your student card or a letter from your University confirming your course and end date. We would also obtain a UK based Guarantor if you have one. For international students who may not have a UK based Guarantor the Landlord may require some months rent paid upfront.

If you are a professional renting a property we would require a work reference, a credit check and (if you were renting prior to us) a previous Landlord/ Agency Reference. If you have not been in employment for a year we may need to obtain a UK based Guarantor instead of a credit check.


Q) Do you accept DSS?

We do have some Landlords on our books who accept DSS, they do have some conditions however. You will need to be able to pay your own agency fees and deposit, you will also need to provide a UK based Guarantor and possibly the first month;s rent upfront. We are also more than happy to contact and check with Landlords of other properties to get their thoughts.


Q) Do you accept pets?

As standard most landlords say no when advertising their property, but sometimes when we speak to them that are happy to do this if an additional 'top up' bond is paid. We will be happy to call and ask for you.


Q) What if my son/ daughter needs to drop out of their student house?

If your son/ daughter needs to drop out they will need to find a new tenant to replace them but we can also advertise their room to try and find someone quicker.

Once someone is found a new tenancy can be drawn up effectively releasing your son/daughter.

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