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Moving out?


Time has flown past – it’s almost time to move out! If you have signed a new tenancy agreement to stay in your property that's great, if not theres a few things you may need to know to make sure your move out goes smoothly.

Your deposit

To get your deposit back as quickly as possible please follow the instructions below:

  1. Return all keys to Pinnacle in seperate envelope for each tenant. Please mark on each envelope which tenant it belonged to and what room the key opens. All keys must be sent back to us by the last day of your tenancy contract.
  2. All tenants must be up to date with rent payments. If anyone on your tenancy owes rent it will hinder the return of all bonds for that property.
  3. Take meter readings and call the gas, electric and water company to close your account. Tell them to address future bills to “The Occupier” at the property address. Please do not put the bills in to Pinnacle’s name as you may be charged for us to reverse this.
  4. Clean the property thoroughly (please see cleaning checklist below)

Please remember that you can log onto the Pinnacle website to keep yourself updated with your bond process. We will transfer your deposit into the bank account details that we currently hold for you. Unless you have advised us of new details, these will be the details you gave us at the start of the tenancy. Once we receive all items that we have requested we aim to return your bonds within 21 days.


Tenant Cleaning Checklist

We want to help you to get your bond back in full. To help us do this, please read the cleaning checklist that follows. The biggest cause of bond deductions made by landlords is cleaning.

We have a clear policy for checking the cleanliness of a property at the end of a tenancy. In accordance with your Tenancy Agreement we expect the house to be returned in a clean condition.

We will thoroughly check the following areas, and the landlord will charge you for any cleaning which is required to bring the property up to standard.

This list is detailed but not exhaustive. If you ensure that the property is left spotless, there should be no cleaning charges against your bond.

At the inspection we will check:

The front and rear of the house.
The front and rear of the house should be clear of rubbish, including litter, traffic cones, and any other signs you may have collected over the year!

All carpets should have been vacuumed up to the edges including underneath all moveable furniture in EVERY room.

All floors should have been swept and mopped up to the edges of appliances and fittings in the kitchen and bathroom. If flooring is wooden or laminate in other rooms, then please ensure that it is clean underneath all moveable furniture.

All skirtings should have been wiped clean throughout the house - we will check!

ALL bins must have been emptied and cleaned thoroughly - pay special attention to kitchen and bathroom bins.

All smoke alarms, light fittings and the vacuum cleaner:
Leaving a working bulb in each fitting, and batteries in things like smoke alarms and doorbells, and providing an empty new hoover bag is the responsibility of the tenant and not the landlord. If any of these are missing, the landlord may ask us to charge you to replace them for the next tenancy.

Where lampshades have been provided, they should remain and be dust free.

Where curtains have been provided, they should be clean and hung in the correct rooms.

All windows and window sills should be left clean (inside only) and condensation free.

We will check all walls in the house to make sure there is no blu tack, tacks, sellotape and old Christmas decorations!

Ceilings will be checked to make sure that they are free from blu tac, tacks, sellotape and old Christmas decorations!

Please make sure that all doors have had blu tack, tacks and posters removed.

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