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Moving out?

 To get your deposit back you need to:
  • Pay all rent

  • Return keys to us in the envelope provided* – please use one per tenant**

  • Clean the property thoroughly (please see cleaning standard provided.)

  • Take meter readings & call the gas, electric & water company to close your account on the 30th June (not any earlier.) Tell them to address future bills to “The Occupier.”Please do not put the bills in our name as you may be charged to reverse this.

We will then transfer your deposit into the bank account details that we currently hold for you. Unless you have advised us of new details, these will be the details you gave us at the start of the tenancy. 

Please be aware that this is an extremely busy time of year. Should you have any queries that are not urgent, please help us to help you and email

Keys must be returned on 30th June, if we are closed when you wish to return them, ensure they are labelled and in the key envelope and posted through the letterbox in our shutter. Any keys returned late (after 8am on July 1st) then you risk being charged for a new set'

** Please label your keys individually by room/tenant where applicable ( not applicable for flat/apartment rentals.) If we can’t identify your keys, we may have to charge you for a new set.

We hope the move goes well! The Pinnacle Team


Moving Out Cleaning Standard

Most charges against tenant deposits are for cleaning. If your property is not deemed to be clean at the end of your tenancy, cleaners will be sent to the property and the cost deducted from your deposit. Please use this checklist to ensure your property is handed back without the need for cleaners to attend. This will assist us in returning your deposit as quickly and efficiently as possible.



  1.  Oven, hob, microwave, extractor  - clean, grease and stain free including the inside doors,
  2. shelving and grills.
  3. Fridge freezer and other appliances - Clean, defrosted, grease and stain free.
  4. Kitchen units, worktops and sink - clear of items, clean, grease and stain free
  5. including top of units.
  6. Washing machine/dryer - clean, including the detergent drawer.
  7. Bins - emptied and cleaned out.


  1.  Toilet pan and cistern - clean and stain free.
  2. Bath, shower, tiles, shower screen/curtains - clean, stain and mould free. (Shower curtains can be washed in the washing machine.)

All rooms (including kitchen & bathroom):

  1. Carpets - vacuumed up to the edges including underneath all moveable furniture (including underneath beds)
  2. Flooring - swept and mopped up underneath all moveable furniture
  3. Skirting boards - dusted and mark free
  4. Walls - no blue tac marks, tacks, posters or other markings. Light switches /plug sockets are mark free.
  5. Ceilings - no blue tac marks, tacks, posters or other markings.
  6. Doors - no blue tac marks, tacks, posters or other markings
  7. Cupboards, drawers & shelves - clear of items, clean and dust-free.
  8. Curtains and blinds - clean and hung.
  9. Windows - glass, frame and sills clean, condensation and mould free.
  10. Vacuum cleaner - clean with a new bag.
  11. No rubbish or non-inventory items are left behind, including the garden.
  12. Bins and refuse emptied and cleaned, inside and outside of the property is clear of refuse.
  13. Beds and mattresses clean and stain free
  14. All light bulbs are in working order (if bulbs do not work, you must replace)


  • Please do not leave any non-inventory items anywhere in the property or they may need to be removed at your cost.

  • Inventory items must be moved back to their original location so inspection staff can find items easily and they do not flag up as a missing item.

  • Rubbish must not be left at the property. Any unwanted belongings can be taken to Wedal Rd, Roath refuse centre. Your last general waste collections can be found on Cardiff Council website. Please visit for details of your nearest recycling centre.



When will I receive my closing inspection?

Due to the amount of tenancies that end on the 30th June it can take up to 14 days to write up the inspection and send this out after the inventory clerk has attended, however as soon as the inspection has been typed up this will be emailed to all tenants and the landlords.

There are issues noted on my closing inspection does this mean I will be charged for all of these?

No, the closing inspection is just a written record of the condition of the property after you have vacated this does not mean you are being charged for these issues, if there are any charges these will be emailed to you in a separate email. Please do not email in to dispute issues noted on the closing inspection unless someone from the deposit team has contacted you to advised your deposit is being charged.

When will I receive my deposit back?

Once your closing inspection has been completed our deposit team will look through this if there are no charges then you will receive your deposit within 3-5 working days of us contacting you. If you have any charges the deposit will not be released back to you until we have reached an agreement between both yourselves and the landlord. Due to the volume of deposits the team have to process in July delays may occur in sending this information out to you but we endeavour to contact tenants as soon as possible.

I don’t agree with my deposit charges, what should I do now?

Any discussions regarding the charges must be done via email with our deposit team this is to make sure both yourselves and Pinnacle have a written confirmation of everything discussed. Please send us any evidence relevant to the claims you disagree with that supports your view on the charge and we will take this into consideration. No monies will be released to either tenants or landlords unless both parties are in agreement.

It’s been 10 days since my tenancy has ended and I have not yet received any charges, does this mean I will automatically get my deposit back?

No, the 10 day guideline from the TDS refers to the letting agent having to make you aware that there may be deductions, there is no deadline for when we have to send you the specific deductions.

Is there anything I can do to speed up the deposit process?

Yes, for tenancies with 3 or more tenants please choose one person to correspond with Pinnacle regarding charges, this speeds things up when we do not have to deal with different tenants regarding the same issues. Also before contacting us please wait for us to email you to advise if your deposit is being returned in full or if there are charges.

How will I receive my deposit back?

This will be paid back into the bank account you would have given us details of at the start of your tenancy. If you have changed your bank details since the start of your tenancy please let us know as soon as possible so we can update our system. If you have any queries please email

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