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Pinnacle is a member of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). This means we can legally hold tenant's deposit money in our regulated bank account.

How does the TDS work?

  • Every deposit (collected since 6th April 2007*) held by Pinnacle is registered with the TDS which means the deposits will be protected during the tenancy.

  • At the end of the tenancy, if there are no problems we promptly return the deposit to the tenant.

  • At the end of the tenancy if there are deductions to be made from the deposit (e.g. cleaning) then if both the landlord and tenant agree the amount, we return the balance to the tenants after the deduction.

  • If the landlord and tenant do not agree with the deduction, then there is a 'dispute'.

  • Where there is a dispute about the proposed amount, we will do our best to negotiate between landlord and tenant to resolve it. If this is not possible, the dispute can be raised with the TDS which will be dealt with fairly by the Independent Complaints Examiner (ICE), which will make a ruling based on all evidence provided by the tenants and the landlord/agent.

Read more on the TDS website

*Deposit money collected before 6th April 2007 will be subject to Pinnacle's internal bond deposit deduction and return policies.

In order to be a member of the TDS Pinnacle's service has had to meet the high standards set by The National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS).

Pinnacle is also accredited members of:-

Association of Letting and Managing Agents (ALMA).

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