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Requirements for Tenants on Benefits 

Here at Pinnacle Letting Agency we have a number of landlords who will accept benefit tenants. If you are looking for a property in Cardiff, Newport or Treforest which accepts housing benefits, the best way to start is to give us a call and book a viewing. Once a member of our staff has met with you and discussed your circumstances we can start to find the right property for you.

We deal with all of our prospective tenants as individuals and will do all we can to help them find the right home. As with any prospective tenant there are certain items which are required so that we can begin the process for you. 

These are:

  • Photo ID - passport or driving license 

  • Proof of the housing benefit claim – this could be a letter from the council that you have received outlining the benefit that you have in place and the amount you are entitled to. If you do not currently have a claim in place, but will be claiming housing benefit to move in, we will require proof of your entitlement to claim.

  • Bank Statements – A copy of 3 months’ worth of most recent bank statements. This is so that you can show us proof of all of your income, so that we are able to assess your income, to ensure that you are able to afford the property.

  • Guarantor – Each tenant will be required to have a UK based guarantor who is a home owner. We would require a signature from the guarantor, and for them provide a utility bill as proof of address.

  • Credit Check – We would require each tenant and guarantor to be credit checked.

  • Landlord Reference – If applicable we would require a reference from a previous landlord, ideally on letter headed paper.

  • Employer Reference – If you are claiming housing benefit but are working part time, we would require a reference from your work place on letter headed paper, outlining your; length of service, employment status, and salary.

The above is a list of the ideal requirements; however we are aware that sometimes it isn't always possible to get all of these things. In these situations if we have as much information as possible then we can go to the owner of the property and help them make as an informed decision as possible. 

  • No Guarantor – Would the landlord accept advanced rent payments? Could a standing order be set up and the council pay the rent directly to the landlord?

  • No Landlord/Employer Reference – Is there anyone else who could provide a character reference – i.e. medical professional? Previous landlords? Previous Employer?

  • No Photo ID – If you do not have an in date passport or driving license – do you have an expired passport? Birth Certificate? Bank Statements? Payslips? NI Card? Benefit letters? If a number of the above can be provided then this should be suitable as proof of ID.

  • Poor Credit – If the tenant and guarantor credit checks come back as 'High Risk' the next option would be to have a chat and see if you were aware that the credit score is poor and to try and find out the reasons why. It could be for a number of reasons, such as:

    • No credit at all

    • Not on the electoral register

    • Missed payments

The same is true for the guarantor, but may also apply if the guarantor is a business owner and the home address is the registered business address – all of these may have implications on a person’s credit rating. If we can talk about this and get any reasons behind it this, then we are in a position to feedback to the landlord and explain and make an informed decision on proceeding with the let. If a lot of information is missing then the Landlord might ask to meet with you so that they can get to know you and can discuss any concerns they may have in person. This means they can get to know the individual behind the pile of information they have been given and will help to alleviate any concerns they may have and can then progress the process on further.


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