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Halloween. When we were children it meant dressing up in costumes and going around to lots of strangers houses and asking for free sweets for no reason. If you ask me it is just plain weird.  Now as an adult, which apparently we are, Halloween is about either buying [which is lazy] or making [which is epic and a lot more fun!] a costume and going out and having as many horrendously horrifying and ghoulishly ghastly, creepy cocktail concoctions that you and your housemates and/or the bartender at your favourite haunt can come up with. Believe me there can be some terrible witches brews that can be made up by someone on a cheap budget with some vividly coloured alcoholic beverages!

One of the best things about Halloween is that it is one of the few events of the year where people still throw house parties! There is a skill and an art to organising,hosting,running and cleaning up after a party, we at Fanny Street are pro’s.  Each year at our Fanny Street office we hold our very own freakishly fun and fiendishly fannytastic fright night, to celebrate the launch of our Student Housing List! We decorate our office, all the staff will be dressed up and we invite you all to come and join us. We make up a big batch of our own cocktails full of brightly coloured alcohol and stock our bar with loads of free beer and wine. Get your FREE drinks and FREE Frighteningly Freaky Facepaint done here before you go out and cause calamityover the streets of Cardiff!

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